Akashic Records

What are the akashic records? Our soul imprints information onto the astral plane – aka a non-physical location (like the Cloud for computers). All one’s thoughts, words and actions past, present and future are placed in this astral library. Up until now, we did not...

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Karmic Bondage

There are so many misconceptions about what Karma really is. What it is not is some authority figure or figures judging you, and sending you back to Earth to do penance. Karma is actually a self-imposed judgment. At the end of each life, we evaluate ourselves. We...

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Caught in the Dream

I have talked to so many people lately that feel like they are caught in a never-ending story. It is sort of like the movie, Ground Hog Day, where each day Bill Murray gets up and relives the same events over and over again. Then there is the movie, the Matrix,...

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