Transformational Spiritual Guidance


Psychic Channelings & Akashic Record Readings

Everyone, at some time or another, has wished that there were some answers to deep questions that burn within, such as:

Who am I? – What is my purpose in life?

There are also issues regarding relationships, love, family, career, finances and well-being, which can be addressed in the session.


Fast-forward to today – I see and hear Her many faces and images from many different cultures. Like anyone, I have a filter system around me that is made up of all my incarnations, belief system, vocabulary, education and experi-ences. The quality of the message depends on the clarity of the channeler’s filters. I have and continue to work very hard to keep my mind, heart and soul as clear as possible. I am human and therefore, not perfect. Please receive these messages in that awareness. If the messages resonate with you great! If not, throw them out and see if the next one does. I am not affiliated with any particular religion.