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Akashic Records

What are the akashic records? Our soul imprints information onto the astral plane – aka a non-physical location (like the Cloud for computers). All one’s thoughts, words and actions past, present and future are placed in this astral library. Up until now, we did not have memory of it while walking this Earth, because we would not be able to continue our evolution. Instead, we decided how to navigate this world the best we could and sometimes we needed assistance.

Many of us are now moving rapidly into the 5th Dimension. Some of the symptoms are not sleeping well, anxiety, digestion issues, tired quite often, irritated and feeling lost. Sometimes there are also feelings of being elevated, happy for no good reason and unexplained chills (aka angel bumps) just to name a few. I refer to this process as sort of a spiritual manic see-saw.

It really is a see-saw effect, because we are oscillating between the 3rd and the 5th dimension without knowing it. If we could see and/or feel it in its entirety, we would possibly be overwhelmed with mental, emotional and physical stress beyond anything we have ever experienced.

The Akash is not something you play with, or go for a joy ride to seek what is in there. If you do, it is like opening Pandora’s Box . One must have a specific purpose in order to find the right “book”, so to speak, in order for true understanding to exist. Integration is then necessary for the new energy to properly adjust into your systems. Too much information too soon, or random aspects coming from here and there can once again cause emotional, mental, physical and spiritual turmoil.

Sometimes people can have dreams, meditations or get hunches about certain things regarding past lives, future lives, world events, etc. having to do with the Akash – but it can be difficult to interpret those from unconscious or subconscious processing that naturally occurs during those times. It is always recommended to seek some guidance from someone well-versed on how to traverse the Akashic Library. When done appropriately you will feel a sense of relief, more peaceful, clearer on what to do and feeling more present in your body.

Whether it is on the phone or in my office, I can assist you in becoming more aware of who you really are from a spiritual perspective, how to possibly handle certain situations, complete karmic lessons and so much more when accessing your Akash. Feel free to call or email me for further information.


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