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Fate vs Destiny image

Fate vs Destiny

People have often used the words Destiny and Fate interchangeably. However, they are different. From my many years of working with people I have gleaned a tremendous amount of information regarding the soul’s journey.

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Karmic Bondage

There are so many misconceptions about what Karma really is. It is not is some authority figure judging you, and sending you back to Earth to do penance.

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Caught in the Dream

I have talked to so many people lately that feel like they are caught in a never-ending story. It is sort of like the movie, Ground Hog Day

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Akashic Records

What are the akashic records? Our soul imprints information onto the astral plane – aka a non-physical location (like the Cloud for computers). All one’s thoughts, words and actions past, present and future are placed in this astral library.