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Introduction To Time Travel

This information is from a channeling of STR141, which took place in Abingdon, VA on August 11, 2019 at a Healing Heart and Soul Retreat. It also has some other updated information from him. He is a Star Being that spontaneously came to me back in 2007, when channeling for a dear friend. He has quite a sense of humor. I write it as I hear him, so it is not grammatically correct for all you English Majors. 🙂

“Hello you all!

What fun to be among you.  I AM STR141.  I am here to make you all space cadets, because you already are! (audience laughter)  You are all moving into having a 5th dimensional experience.  It is sort of like going from 3G on your internet to 5G.

I want you to know that there is help for you in this Universe.  Your Star Brothers and Sisters are working very diligently to support life on this planet, because you have nearly destroyed yourselves on three occasions now.  You know the native peoples have said that you have made it or will make it without destroying your planet into the light. Well, that could also mean combustion.  (audience laughter)

Just about everyone seems to be fascinated with Time Travel now on your planet. It actually can be easy, once it is established within your body, mind and spirit. What needs to be rooted within is the consciousness of the Mer-Ka-Ba, which you can find more information when you look up Drunvalo Melchizedek. He has written detailed books on the subject, and there are YouTube videos explaining how to invoke and use it. Find one that feels comfortable to you.  After that has become sufficiently activated, you can find graduated forms of it through Tyberonn, Earth-Keeper. There are instructional videos. I am here to give you information only on this date with more to follow at a later time.

In order to time travel, your consciousness and physical form must be in communion. There are many monks and people throughout history, who have been able to accomplish this feat. It is frequently called Bi-Location for some of the journeys, i.e. to be in two places at once. There are also those experiences where one completely leaves and finds themselves in the “past”.

Your scientists and physicists have already created time travel machines. The challenge is how to return, and some of their efforts have not worked out so well. People have gotten stuck in between, and for some that have returned, they are now suffering from physical, emotional, and mental anomalies. What they do not understand is that these people didn’t not have their physical “starship” in place and enhanced to be able to withstand the extreme difference in vibration frequencies.

Eventually, all peoples will be able to use their Starbodies to time travel, without risk of doing harm to themselves.

To get into the “past” a little more deeply, I want you to take a moment away from everything you have been told about time, and try this on for size in your psyche. If you do not agree with it, that is perfectly fine. Different strokes for different folks as you say.

I am sure many of you have heard that there really is no past or future, only present time. That is true. What is in place are actually holograms. Movies, TV, YouTubes are all mentioning holograms now, and in fact they have been talked about for at least a century (or two). I will give you the simple version, otherwise this paper would be too long, and you would get bored reading it! (audience laughter) Take a moment and use your Google to get the definition of a hologram, in order that you have a better understand of the information I am giving you.

Your souls determine what it is they would like to create and experience to help you become more awake and aware of yourselves. These events will lead you closer to the Truth of who you are and how it  all, and I mean all, relates to LOVE.  Once those thought forms come into place, they create a hologram in which these experiences are placed. Now you come to Earth (or wherever) and have to live through the experiences in physical form.  The body becomes your master teacher to help you align with your expanded consciousness. You can only advance in your awareness as fast as the body can learn from the experiences. Your psyche MUST ALLOW the physical form its expression and then integrate with your sacred witness self. More on this subject by a lovely master facilitator, Matt Kahn, – The End of Inner Conflict on YouTube. (I love to give credit to as many others who are embodied, here having the human experience, and explaining how it works, thus not needing to reinvent the so-called wheel. 🙂

You share your holograms with other souls, and vice versa. You all have agreed to assist each other’s evolutionary process, through creating certain roles which will give you the events requested by your souls to have the necessary experiences. The movie The Matrix (1999) is a great example of holograms intertwined. Keanu Reeves learned through having physical experiences, and was able to eventually master his hologram and what appeared to be time travel, without really going anywhere (but did he? 🙂)

To summarize, if you truly want to understand time travel, educate yourself with some of the information I have left here in this paper. THE PHYSICAL FORM MUST BE PREPARED FIRST AND FOREMOST, in order to align and not cause you major harm. It is not to be taken lightly.”

I will bring forth more information on other subjects soon.  Sincere questions are always welcomed.

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