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“To be present during a Mother’s Lap is truly a divine experience. There is a sacredness that permeates the space and all those present. The Mother’s messages are profound and meaningful. My sense of self – self love and compassion – is always raised, for she says often “If you could only see yourself as I see you.” If the Divine Mother sees me/us as divine beings, how can I not see myself/ourselves that way as well. At the last Mother’s Lap I attended, I felt such a strong feeling of love, more than I have ever experienced anywhere.”jk

“The Mother’s message was so profound for me. I felt such a sense of peace for the first time in a long time. It is six months later, and everything she told me has thus far unfolded. Thank you Mother so very much.” – KM (Kansas)

“I have had the most wonderful experiences during the Mothers Lap. The information is not only accurate but given in a way that is loving and supportive. Whenever I feel the need, The Mother is who I go to for counsel, warmth and affirming my souls desire…” – Laurel

“I felt so much Divine Love in the room that I couldn’t stop crying! Everyone’s answer was also an answer or a message I needed to hear. It was such a blessing …” – CK (North Carolina)

“I experienced being like a small child cuddled up on Her lap, and being so unconditionally loved for the first time. Having been an orphan, I cannot convey what this did for me. I now know that being loved is possible …” – SM (Hawaii)

“Always enlightening, always on target. Anytime I have talked to the Mother, She is very honest and forthright with me. I feel like I am getting sound advice, and my cats appreciate Her energy as well!” – LM (Virginia)

“… The Mother helped me to understand my daughter from a brand new perspective. I could never comprehend why my daughter did and said the things she did until now. We are finally able to communicate again and that feels wonderful.” – MJ (Florida)

“… thanks to the Mother my self-esteem has improved considerably. She revealed things about my soul that I never knew. I now know that I AM a good person to the core of my Being, and for that I will be forever grateful. No more shame here!” – LD (California)


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What is a Mother’s Lap™?

I have been channeling the energy of the Divine Feminine since 1988.  Over the years it took on more of the Archetypal presence of Mother Mary and Sophia, the Creatrix.

In a private session, whether on the telephone, Skype or in person, you get to experience Her.  She delivers a message to you, and then allows you to ask Her questions. Any question is acceptable, as long as it is asked with sincerity and integrity. She gives you straight answers. The answers may include past life history, emotional patterns, fate vs. destiny, as well as other information pertinent to your questions. People experience a strong sense of being loved, and often times a scent of roses. At the end of the session, such a strong presence is still all pervading in the silence.

There are also group sessions. When invited, I travel to deliver her messages to groups. It usually has to do with the changes humanity is about to experience and what to do next. At the end of the collective message, individuals get to come up and ask questions. The answers appear to affect everyone in the room, even if they did not personally ask the questions. It may have been something they wanted to ask, or was in the back of their mind, or knew of someone else who needed Her information.

At the end of group, I always have to chuckle, because no one wants to leave the room. It just feels so good!  As a side note, if there are any animals in the room, they want to sit next to Her or in Her lap (my lap) during the channeling. They love Her energy, hence the name Mother’s Lap™.


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