Evolutionary Soul Coaching

Evolutionary Soul Coaching

Evolutionary Soul Coaching

Sessions are done on phone or Skype.

Once you have paid for your session your will receive an email confirmation. You can then contact Kathryn to make an appointment for your session.
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In today’s world of uncertainly and massive changes, there is more confusion than ever. What changes are you needing to make in regards to your personal and professional lives? Do you need a confirmation of a possibility you already have in mind? Would you like to obtain new ideas from your soul? Would you like to uncover what your Sacred Soul Contract is, and who is guiding you along the way? What is your soul’s purpose and how does it apply to your mission in life?

Evolutionary Soul Coaching helps you to understand the difference between following your ego/fate or pursing your soul/destiny. It helps you get in touch with the voice of your own soul and learn how to follow it. Now, more than ever, is the time for your own evolution.