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Jubilee Retreat Center, Abingdon, Va
August 8-13, 2019

The cost of lodging, food, trips and retreat are only $1295!!

A  $250 deposit holds your space. The $250 deposit is non-refundable. (There is a -$45 “cash” discount off retreat price available for sending in payment by check or MO. Discount is applied either on the full price or the balance due, but not on the deposit. Choose manual payment when checking out.

This is a very unique first time retreat, where Kathryn and the Divine Mother team up to blend two spiritual events together in ONE.

Many of you have experienced a Healing Heart Retreat, where Kathryn wrapped her arms around you, and enfolded your hearts in such a way that it helped you to release energies which were blocking your awareness from the Truth of YOU in a gentle way. You loved it so much that you have continued to come back for another calibration and celebration every year for over 20 yrs.

Dancing, singing, story-telling, meditating, walking in nature, and connecting with others that are like-minded, you discovered we are all ONE family. What is interesting is that everyone who came said they “don’t do groups”. It only took a short time to discover your “tribe”. Someone said, “We are like orphans who have found our way home.” It is now time to truly open our arms and hearts and create a beautiful welcoming space for others to find their way home to their own hearts and souls. 

Letting go of the old paradigms/matrix and creating a brand new one that totally supports each individual and the collective, is what is in store! Adding to this special retreat is that every night will be a Mother’s Lap! She has discourses She wants to impart regarding the new matrix and assisting everyone in how to create a new hologram! 

So you get your hearts held, special music played and sung just for you, personal and collective messages from the Mother (and perhaps other “guest speakers” J), walk a lovely Labyrinth, perhaps a memorable side trip (time permitting), and be in nature in a beautiful setting with very wonderful, welcoming spiritual people.

Lodging, meals, and a side trip are all included in the price! Jubilee has made this retreat very affordable compared to retreats in the past! What is not included is the cost of getting there. A suggestion might be for a group of you to rent and share the cost of a van. How fun that might be to travel, sing and tell stories along the way! For those of you arriving at the airport, someone will pick you up and take you back at the end of the retreat for a small fee. Private rooms are available for an extra fee of $150 for the week. 

So come one, come all to a most beautiful retreat center! Jubilee Retreat Center in Abingdon, VA. Check it out at and reserve your place now!


"Dear Kathryn, you are amazing!! As the "hollow bone" through which you dialog for one's healing is expressed, and healing for us all is accomplished through the one in the center of the room. You open our hearts to expose and release deep hurts and wounds; and desires. You free us to be ourselves, to be Authentic. The whole weekend provides the opportunity to move from individuals into a cohesive, harmonious tribe of One." –
Rev Dwight Smith